Are Fish Really That Smart?

Are you interested to know a little more about fish? Well, then you are definitely in for a ride. You see there is quite a bit more to fish than what we get to see at the aquarium. One thing you may not know about fish is that they have actually been around for more than five hundred years. That’s right when you look back into history, fishes have always been around. With that said, there are over ten thousand fish species all over the world and that’s just counting the ones that have been discovered. Now you may know that omega-three is good for your brain but does that mean that fish are smart?

With movies such as Finding Nemo, you may think that fishes are simply animals that spend their days swimming in circles. Now you aren’t completely wrong. There are some fish that enjoy swimiming in circles but this doesn’t speak to their intelligence. The main reason why people don’t think that fishes are smart is that they can’t be trained. Unlike most animals that can be considered to be pets, fish don’t need training or well no one has successfully been able to train a fish. This is because fish are simple creatures, especially as pets. All they need is a good tank and food.

Getty Images/ Image Source/ Rodrigo Friscione

After all, you can’t exactly take your fish on a walk. With that said, it has been proven that fish are quite intelligent creatures. This is because of their great memory and cognitive skills. You have to remember that fishes live in the ocean. By living in the ocean fishes need to use their memory skills to know where they are going and where they have been. But that’s not all, their cognitive skills are used daily to avoid predators and to protect themselves. With that said, you really should judge a fish based on its appearance, it might just be smarter than you.