Apple Watch Saves Life

To all the apple watch users out there, please do not take this information lightly because it could be the one reason a life is saved in times of injury or danger. The very well know apple device, known as the Apple Watch, has a feature that is known as the “Hard Fall detection,” feature.

The idea behind the feature is that when one falls off a ladder, bike, etc. the watch detects this and will instantly send out SOS alerts. Just recently, a man was riding on his bike and fell extremely hard. Knocking him unconscious for a little while, the apple watch he was wearing detected the fall. Instantly, contacting all of his emergency contacts with his location and calling an ambulance.

The fall detection alert on the Apple Watch also sets off an alarm so people that are closeby can hear the noise and hopefully help the one in need before it is too late.

Thankfully, with the updated technology that the Apple Watch provides users, he was able to be rushed to the hospital, later leaving thankful and in well condition. In turn, proving why it is so important for users to know what the technology they own offers especially when it comes down to one’s safety.

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