Apple Music vs Spotify

Spotify advertises that it has over 82 million tracks, including more than four million podcast titles, but apple music advertises a more extensive amount of music with over 90 million tracks available for its users. While this may seem impressive, the truth is with over 82 million tracks, Spotify is able to satisfy the vast majority of users who don’t listen to the most popular music even with the reduced amount of content on its app. However, if you are someone with a rather unique taste in music and do not find your music readily available everywhere, then maybe you are better off with the variety of apple music. Otherwise, the difference in quantity does not really matter.


Next up, you think about the quality of music that you were listening to. Spotify offers an Ogg Vorbis stream quality equivalent to 160 kbps, and its premium service has up to 320 kbps. Apple Music falls second in terms of its bitrate which is lower at 256 kbps for AAC streams. Apple launched lossless as its high definition audio option, offering music at a better quality than normal Which would require a higher bandwidth but if that is available then the bitrate can go up to 1411 kbps. Unfortunately, using the high-definition audio option apple is highly dependent on the availability of specific hardware which is an investment that very few people are willing to make just for the sake of some music.

Both Apple music and Spotify are the biggest competitors in the music streaming industry and both of them only get an edge over each other through rather insignificant features like how their color coding appeals to the eye. Both of them might not have much of a difference, but if you are a stickler for quantity and quality of music then this decision might be something you want to make after being informed thoroughly.

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