Apple Is Cutting Users Off

Although rather ironic, a smartphone company wants you to use your smartphone less than you are.  Apple’s CEO Tim Cook kicked off the 2018 Worldwide Developers Conference with a new updated that the operating system that runs on both iPhones and iPads will have features designed to get users to actually turn their devices off.

It will soon be available for public beta testing and should be available to all users around September. Once they download the OS, users will be able to access a new section called Screen Time, containing various features to help them see how they use their devices, and better manage it.

The Activity Report will detail to each user the amount of time they spent in each app, as well as in a group of apps, how many notifications they received and how many times they picked up their device.

The app allows users to set a limit of time that they are allowed to spend in each app. As they approach the limit, users are sent a notification that time is running out. They could of course always increase the time limit, but that defeats the whole purpose.

There’s also a downtime feature that allows users to choose a specific time that they are not able to use their device, such as the time they should be sleeping.

So why is Apple exactly trying to help users spend less time on their devices, you may wonder?  Two of Apple’s big investors actually requested from the company that they come up with ways to limit their children’s smartphone usage, especially due to lots of research about the negative consequences about excessive time spent.

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