Any To Any Length To Be Longer

Believe it or not, there’s actually such a thing as a limb-lengthening clinic. And it’s, of course, to be found it none other than Las Vegas.  One specific clinic, The LimbPlastX has received no shortage of attention on the internet recently for offering people the opportunity to add on a few inches to their legs. 

Here’s the catch, however – it comes with a hefty price tag of $75,000 to add a mere six inches to one’s height. But some people who are self-conscious about their height are willing to go to any lengths (pun intended) to change their situation. 

According to the head consultant of the clinic, in the past year, 30 men signed up for the procedure, and in 2020, there were even more people after it gained more attention from the media. 

The procedure is reported to last only 90 minutes and is supposed to entail minimal invasion using a special device that stretches the leg bones. It’s also important to note that the results are not instant but take nearly a year to see a difference, and patients must use an external remote control to increase their height by 1mm on a daily basis. Physical therapy post-therapy is also required for up to a month. 

Apparently, such procedures are no new concept, but this clinic is the very first to offer it for cosmetic purposes. And while this procedure may be rather strange and controversial, we’ve surely heard of worse things, right? 

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