Anti Aging Blood Transfusions

Believe it or not, obtaining a blood transfusion from a young donor won’t actually help you live longer, but will  do the very opposite. According to some experts that is, at least.

Marc Siegal, a New York University professor and medical reporter is one of the experts that would say that such transfusions only bring us closer to death. In a recent piece, the doctor actually expressed that those receiving anti-aging treatments through young blood transfusions need to take the many associated health risks into account, such as the fact that their body might very well reject the blood.

Unfortunately, such transfusions create for a false sense of hope. At the start of January, it was reported at five clinics by Amrosia had opened in the United States which had promised to fill the veins of customers with blood taken from young people (ages 16 to 25). The cost per liter of blood was $8,000, while two liters was priced at $12,000, offering a special deal for those who take more.

The startup behind these clinics, Ambrosia has not actually explained on it’s website why such a procedure would even be beneficial for anyone, and there’s probably a reason for that too. There’s no evidence or even scientific research that proves that young blood can help fight against the effects of aging.

What’s even more alarming according to Siegal is that not only are people spending their hard earned money on a useless treatment, but it could also do more harm than good to the person receiving the transfusion.

Blood transfusions can lead to all kinds of problems such as allergic reactions, infections, difficulty breathing and iron overloads. As attractive and tempting as it may sound to take in some young blood, it’s not the same thing as filling up your car with gas.

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