Another Alternative To Cemeteries

Cemetery and death, two words that are both cringe worthy enough to make your mind spiral into a dark place in the span of seconds. Unfortunately, death is unavoidable, which is why Sandy Gibson, chief executive of Better Place Forests has taken the idea of cemeteries to a whole new extreme.

This start-up companies purpose is to simply “redesign the entire end-of-life experience,” Gibson says. Located in a forest south of Silicon Valley, the company is preventing the land from ever being developed allowing them to sell people the right to have their cremated remains mixed with fertilizer and fed to the tree of their choice.

Each person who decides to take the route of living there afterlife in the forest are given three options on where they can have their ashes remain. They can either spend eternity with strangers, be mixed into Earth at the base of a small tree or less desirable species of tree or they can reside by an old redwood tree.

As you can see, the range of options can be costly but with the twist Better Place Forest puts on this idea makes it all better. ” Our mission is to help every person write a better end to their story and establish a lasting legacy while conserving some of the most iconic land in North America.” According to Better Place Forests website.

Today, it is vital to conserve the environment in anyway possible. Gibson’s idea of Better Place Forests could soon be a movement that will not only better our world but put a new twist on cemeteries and the idea behind death.

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