Animals in the Amazon

The amazon is one of the most mystical and well known places on Earth. This is because no matter how many people go off and explore it there is still a lot that are unknown. Now we know that the Amazon is home to some of the most luscious forests, waterfalls and even rivers. But that’s not all Amazon has to offer. It is also home to some of the most exotic animals in the world. There are more than 300 different types of reptiles, thousands of different species of fish and so much more. Let’s get into the different types of animals in the amazon.

Getty images/Moment/ ©Juan Carlos Vindas

You may think that jaguars are only found in Africa but you are wrong. There are in fact a few jaguars living in the amazon. Many travelers go off and explore the Amazon in anticipation of seeing a jaguar. If you are lucky enough to spot one, you are most likely to spot them in the Tambopata Reserve in the Peruvian Amazon. Next we are going to the Amazonian waters. Otters aren’t really an exotic animal because they can be found almost anywhere. However there is one thing about the otters in the Amazon that make them unique and well exotic.

The otters in the Amazon are called the Giant River Otter. This is because they are the largest otters in the world. Some of these otters reach an incredible length of 5.6 feet or 1.7 meters. This may come as a surprise but the Giant River otter is a very vocal animal with over 22 distinct sounds. Taking things back to the forest. While in the forest not only will you see some of the most beautiful plants but you will also see monkeys. More specifically you will see Red Howler Monkeys.

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