Ancient Antibacterial Technique

Clay is not only good for your face, for pottery, and for tennis courts.  As it turns out, at least one type of clay is good for a bigger purpose too, helping the body heal.

Researchers from the Arizona State University and the Mayo Clinic conducted a study and found that Oregon blue clay can actually kill the bacteria found in wounds, and can even kill bacteria that is resistant to other forms of treatment.

The researchers found that the clay killed off several types of bacteria that cause sounds to get infected.

The clay also eliminated bacteria that grew as biofilms, hard to kill kills that form when bacteria latches onto surface.

We have not been developing effective drugs fast enough to keep up with the speedy rate that bacteria is evolving to resist them. This new discovery however, of Oregon blue clay could help change that.

The researchers plan to carry out more tests to touch on exactly how the clay kills the bacteria.

Once they succeed to do so, they might be able to recreate the compound in the lab and be able to fight antibiotic resistance.

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