An Isolation Bet

How long do you think you would be capable of lasting in total isolation and complete darkness? And what if you were told that you would be granted a grand prize of $100,000?

Well, one seriously daring poker player made a bet with his friend that he could spend 30 days at the very least in extreme conditions, and actually did it to prove it.

It all started as a friendly talk between friends as to whether or not they could last in dark and small room without any human interaction. They decided to make a bet about it, both putting down $100,000 dollars of their own money, agreeing to pay the other side if they lost the bet.  Alati would win the money if he managed to pass the test, and his friend Young, would pocket that amount if his friend lost before the 30 days.

They took the bet so seriously that they even created an 11 page contract that laid out all the rules. A small bathroom was set up for Atali to spend his 30 days of isolation.  In order to make sure that no cheating was taking place, a 24 hour security camera system was set up.

Young had been very confident that his friend would lose the bet, however once he reached the halfway point, he started to realize that his friend in fact was going to make it, and offered him an early buyout payment of $62,400 in order to cut his losses.

Their bet, although it didn’t go through fully gained a great deal of attention, and he now wants to do a more extreme version of the experiment for a million dollars. Any offers?

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