An Indian Woman Posed As A Man For Dowry

An Indian woman posed as man for the period of four years. She was recently arrested for having married two women and harassing them for dowry money.

Krishna Sen is reported to always have had a tomboy side to her, but she took things a lot farther in 2013 when she completely took on a male personality on social media.

With her new character as a men, she started conversations online with the intention of starting romantic relationships with women.  She cut her hair short and started to wear men’s clothes, and then changed her name to Sweety Sen.

In three years she managed to marry two women who believed she was a man. In both relationships she harassed them and their families for dowry.

Her first victim was a woman from Haldwani city. She met Kamini online in 2014 and introduced herself as the son of a successful businessman. The got married within the year, and Kamini reported to the police that her so called husband was physically abusing her for dowry and was always drinking and smoking.

Two years later in 2016, Sweety Sen married again to a woman named Nisha. Unlike Sweety Sen’s past wife, Kamini, Nisha did in fact soon realize that her husband was a woman. Sweety convinced her to keep it a secret by paying her off.

This continued on until Sweety’s first wife became sick from her beatings and then the dowry threats were brought to the police.  Sweety Sen was arrested for abusing Kamini, and she confessed that she was a woman eventually.

He explained to the authorities that his wives were never allowed to touch him in the middle of the day and only at night in the dark would they use sex toys that were purchased online.

Sweety Sen was charged with fraud, forgery and impersonation. But since she was not a real husband, there are no domestic abuse charges since it is not a legitimate marriage.

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