An Edible Controller

Gamepads are so last year. That’s exactly why a new pill has been introduced by Australia’s Royal Melbourne Institute to replace video game controllers.

A pill instead of a controller? It’s known as the ”The Guts Game” and it will involve two players that will have somewhere between 24 to 36 hours to fight a digital parasite. They can kill it off by both lowering and raising the temperature of their digestive systems, that the pill will measure.

In order to successfully win the game, players are told to do whatever they need in order to lower or raise their body temperature, whether it be drink ice water, go on a run, or eat some seriously spicy food.

Developers who created the game have claimed that temperature changes in the body are entirely safe, and that there is nothing to worry about.  Working out and eating spicy food for a video game doesn’t suddenly becoming dangerous just because it’s for a different purpose.

If they were to have cheat codes, it would probably be taking the pill before sweating in a sauna, but then it defeats the purpose and all the fun of the game.

Whether or not you win or loose the gym, the controller will leave the body eventually.

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