An Apartment With Two Tickets To Space

A New York real estate firm is ready to do whatever it takes to bring in buyers to their Manhattan penthouse, priced at a hefty eighty-five million dollars. Yes, you heard that correctly, eighty-five million dollars. Not exactly what you call pocket change.

This impressive fifteen thousand square foot apartment has actually been available for purchase for the past six years, but believe it or not, no one has accepted this high cost, even if it is New York City and not a box.

Daniel Neiditch, the broker in charge of the project has decided that they have no choice but to make the apartment even more attractive and has actually added no shortage of tempting gifts in the deal.

Anyone who is willing to purchase this apartment will be given a million dollar yacht, a mansion in the Hamptons (since one house is never enough), and last, but surely not least, two tickets to space. Not too shabby at all.

The details of the flight have apparently been kept rather on the down low, and no one is even sure if arrangments for the trip to space have already been made or what year it will happen. All we know is that this apartment comes with some seriously cool perks.

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