Amazon Will Fail

Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon is reported to have predicted that his company would one day go bankrupt, shocking the world.

Bezos, during a meeting in Seattle, is quoted saying ”Amazon is not too big to fail”. In fact, he actually says that he predicts that Amazon will fail due to bankruptcy.

He even admits that large companies tend to last for around 30 years, give or take. Not more than hundred years.  His claim, however, is nonetheless surprising, since Amazon was recently ranked on top of the world.

Despite the success, Bezos has decided that it’s still important to focus on the long term success and future of the company, and advised workers of Amazon not to become completely dependent on the company, such as those of Sears, who went bankrupt recently.

Bezos expresses that it is most important to continue to focus on the customers, rather than on themselves.  His mission is to delay this from happening from as long as possible.

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