Amazon Wants Your Body Scans

While many people out there would love to have some bikini pictures, Amazon is actually willing to pay you for them with some store credit.

They are offering a twenty five dollar gift card to those who will offer their three dimensional body scans to the company. Or at least, that’s the rumor that’s been going around.

Amazon has reportedly been advertising in order to get people to sign up for their program, and they prefer people who are wearing tight, form fitted clothing. According to sources, the purpose of obtaining these scans is to use them for ‘internal product research’.

But don’t go around telling everyone, it’s a secret project, and it requires anyone who participates in providing their body scans to sign a form that prevents them from talking about the project with others.

According to sources however, Amazon is actually working together with Body Labs, an artificial intelligence company that creates highly realistic three dimensional versions of people using two dimensional images.

These scans could provide Amazon with a better idea of the differences between body types, and could help them create more diverse models that better fit the common population.

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