Coolest Parents Ever

As kids, we cringe at the thought of sharing similarities with our less than hip parents. Luckily enough, the kids of the parents in these photos have nothing to worry about. Their parents truly know what it is to be considered hip or cool in this day of age making there kids proud to be one of their offspring’s. Scroll down to check out some photo album treasures of the hippest parents out there!


Dead Head



“This photo is of my mom and her best friend back in the ’80s. They dreamt all through college that they would drive cross country and see all the major national parks. They lived their dream and this is just one epic photo of their cool trip.”



That’s A 10



“Consider us impressed! This photo is of my dad diving off of the starboard fin of a submarine into the Pacific Ocean in the summer of 1983.”


Tongue Tied



“How cute are my parents in this picture? They were out on a date hanging out at a park and asked a stranger to take their picture. My dad was always trying to impress my mom with his jokes.”



She’s On Fire



“The DeSoto Firedome was a car that was produced by a division of Chrysler. I did not know this until my grandmother showed me this photo of herself sitting on a De Soto fire dome v-eight motor. She was at the 1952 Los Angeles International Automobile Show in California.”


Independent Woman



“My mom is my hero. She was a single parent of two kids looking to give my brother and I the best life she could. She told us that at the time this picture was taken she was just at the start of her new career in law enforcement.”



Flower Power



“My mom had hands down the coolest teen years. She is the woman in the striped shirt under the rainbow. Her friends all lived on that bus for a while and traveled around the U.S. selling their magazine all over the northeast. I asked my mom if I could do the same thing before college and she said no.”


Ice Ice Baby



“This photo was taken in Metairie, Louisiana in 1975. My mom and her best friend from high school ditched class to go get some slushies from the corner store. All the kids hung out here after (or during) school.”



Picchu Pic



“My dad is straight up chilling at Machu Picchu. He took a trip with some of his buddies in 1978, they traveled all over South America from Peru to Argentina. My dad met my mom just 4 days later in a hostel and she joined their trip.”


Rock On



“My mom was the coolest rock and roll roadie out there back in the day. She worked for the local radio station, WQXMFM, rocking out on the daily.”



Road Trip



“I love this picture of my parents. It’s of them in 1974 before they had me and my siblings. One of the first dates they had was a drive to a deserted beach in the winter. This is them that date.” 


Bar Babe



“This picture is from the early 1980s around New Years. My parents are hanging out with me at a bar because that’s just how they rolled.”



Lunch In The Park



“This photo of my grandpa is insane. He told me him and his older brother dated twin sisters during the early 1950s. This is a picture of them all having lunch in Central Park, New York City.”