Alcohol-Free Beer

For the most part, alcohol free-beers are almost as good as the real deal (without the buzz and hangover), but they can be rather problematic in certain situations, such as the workplace.

Thanks to Suntory’s new clear beer, people will think that you’re simply drinking water.  This innovative drink contains no calories and no alcohol. It is specially designed to protect drinkers from getting judged by their coworkers and bosses.  It really looks like a bottle of water and allows you to enjoy some delicious beer without attracting any attention to yourself.

The only part of the packaging that could give it away is that it does say Beer Taste at the top of the label, but most people wouldn’t notice unless they really take a close look.

This alcohol free beer is not designed to solely be enjoyed at the workplace. It can be enjoyed anywhere and everywhere without the stigma of being an alcoholic.

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