Airplane Water Safety

Traveling on airplanes calls for a lot of things including sleep, music, and movies. Of course, while pursuing these activities, it is important to mix in snacks and drinks. This usually happens when the flight attendants call for a walkthrough of the plane with refreshments and bags of chips at hand.

Now, the idea of providing passengers with these items is not as simple as one may think. It is actually said that staying hydrated during the duration of a flight is very important for one’s body due to the change in altitude. This being the case, many tend to drink a ton of water while in flight.

Just recently, a study from Hunter College’s New York City Food Policy Center and the non-for profit organization Diet Detective, researched the airline’s water quality, according to the Huffington Post. In fact, the water on airplanes is not a safe as we believe it to be. This study tested the water quality of a multitude of airlines.

When the research was conducted, it was found that the water airlines are using in tea or coffee is not safe to be drinking. These concerns being known prior, there have been regulations that have been set in place but it is said they are too relaxed and need to be more precautionary.

With this being the case, it is recommended to only drink the water the flight attendants serve you out of the bottles. The possibly contaminated water also comes out of the sink in the lavatories.

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