Airline Employee Sued

A woman by the name of Ashley Barno was recently traveling on an American Airlines flight from San Diego to Chicago. Prior to the flight, a man introduced himself to her as Ahmad. Ahmad was an employee of the airline.

Before the flight, Barno started to receive text messages from an unknown number. Soon after, she realized that Ahmad was the one texting her. How he got her number, will amaze us all. Ahmad took it upon himself to get her number off her luggage tag. After he texted her several times, Barno’s concern was raised.

So much in fact that she even realized that Ahmad followed her on the plane from San Diego. While in flight, Ashley ensured to tell flight attendants what was going on so the second the plane landed, he was immediately escorted off.

Later on, Barno did file a lawsuit against Ahmad due to the harassment being done. It was also mentioned that Ahmad “sent Barno suggestive images,” according to Bored Panda. With this being the case, Ahmad was fired from the airline. Interestingly enough, employees were aware of Ahmad’s actions and what he has done in the past. Due to these prior allegations, Barno also is suing employees that were aware of his past actions.

Ashely Barno did arrive home safely that day. Although her sense of privacy is now one of her main concerns especially when traveling on her own.

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