Airbnb Talks Food

Airbnb Cooking Experiences is one of the newest features on the ever so famous online marketplace that provides people with great places to stay when they depart from their primary homeland. This feature is a bit different than the housing feature that the company offers. Well for starters, the Airbnb Cooking Experience provides users with a meal of a lifetime, one could say.

As Bustle stated in their article discussing the latest and greatest of the company, “you’ll now have the option of experiencing the type of cuisine special to a region in a particularly authentic way: through the people who know this cuisine best.” There are truly no words greater than the ones used to explain the concept. With that being said, the experience will provide tourists a great chance to truly emerge themselves into a culture unknown to them.

While customers get to eat delicious food, dine with locals and experience the purest form of culture, they will also be preserving the culture. In the present time, we are experiencing cultures that are diluting away since the oldest of practices are not being used anymore. With Airbnb Cooking Experience, families, farmers and everyone in between will be able to share their love for their culture with others.

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