Air Purifying Plants

It has been said that buying houseplants will purify the air in which one breathes on a daily basis inside their home. Well, this myth has just been put to an end, all thanks to the numerous studies and research completed on this topic.

Prior to this finding, companies were marketing plants as purifying with the ability to remove toxins and chemicals from the environment. With that being said, many consumers have fallen into the trap of this advertising scam.

After the studies have been analyzed, it is said that these plants do have some effect on the air but it is so minuscule that at the end of the day, it can have that large of an impact on the overall air quality. If one would want to change indoor air quality they would need an abundant amount of plants to do so.

It also has been stated in the findings on National Geographic that during the research study there was a deterring factor that caused researchers to be unsure if the information was accurate. Since the plants tested on were analyzed in a laboratory setting it does not have the same air quality as a household. Therefore, the myth could be partially true but for now, we are going to stick with National Geographic answer.

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