AI New’s Sport

According to AKQA, a digital product agency has reported to have created an all-new sport through artificial intelligence technology.

The agency has apparently given it data about four hundred already existing sports in order to invent this unique sport.

So what’s the result? A never before heard of (or played before, of course) sport known as Speedgate.  It’s a bizarre combination of rugby and soccer, with a small touch of Quidditch. The game is equally as strange as it is familiar.

The game has two teams that play against each other. Each team consists of six players, three defenders and three forwards that pass the ball between them, and then either throw or kick the ball into a gate at either side of the field. It just can’t be in the middle field.

There is a no pushing rule, and only one defender is permitted to be at the gate at once. AKQA is no stranger when it comes to unique and rare games, with other ideas that were centered around topics such as underwater parkour, as well as a frisbee that explodes.

Well, it’s always good to mix things up right? We can’t be playing the same games our entire lives, now can we?

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