AI Cracks Down On Shoplifters

A tech startup in Japan has made claims that their artificial intelligence software is capable of catching shoplifters even before they steal.  Their advanced software analyzes camera footage, and can detect any form of strange or suspicious behavior, in order to prevent the theft before it even takes place.

The film starring Tom Cruise, Minority Report, back in 2002 was merely a sci-fi idea that no one ever believed would be possible in reality. For those who missed the film, it was centered on preventing crimes before they occurred.

Now, due to the incredible advanced technology of artificial intelligence, it seems as though an prototype of the movie has come to life. The AI software is known as VaakEye, and it specifically knows to look for small, discrete behaviors and movements. If the system decides that something is suspicious, it sends an alert through an app in order to prevent the crime.

At the moment, the software is being tested in several stores in Japan, and after it proves to be successful, it’s planned to be set up in over 100,000 stores in the next few years.

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