Aggression Treated With Rabid Dog Saliva

A Canadian naturopath based in Victoria, British Columbia has been facing some severe online criticism.  She has reportedly been boasting that she treated a four-year-old child’s behavioral problems and aggression with a home remedy she created from rabid dog saliva.
Dr. Anke Zimmermann wrote about this unique case on her website, explaining that he had difficulty sleeping, mostly due to the fact that he was afraid of werewolves. He would even growl at people and hid under the table.  The doctor also discovered that the child had a particular liking for meat, and did not like being cuddled.  Rather, he would lick his mother, sniff people and nuzzle.
The doctor was alarmed and found out from his mother that he was in fact bitten by a dog when he was two years old at a beach.  The dog bite his hand and was contaminated with rabies.
Zimmerman believes that the dog who bit the child had been recently vaccinated wit the rabies shot.  Jonah was treated with a rare cure several times a month, which was reported to help him greatly. The doctor claims that he slept better and as no longer afraid of werewolves.
However once she posted her findings on Facebook, people are infuriated, asking all kinds of questions about how this could possibly be true. However despite all of the criticism, the doctor stands by her claims.

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