After Closing Down, Aquarium Lets Penguins Roam The Premises

Thanks to COVID-19, many thriving businesses have had to close their doors to prospective customers. We can all agree that safety is the world’s number one priority right now. Still, it’s easy to empathize with both small and large companies who currently have no way of doing business, and are facing a very uncertain future.

One such business, the Shedd Aquarium of Chicago, decided to make the best of the situation. Since they have no visitors at the moment, the aquarium staff took the opportunity to let their penguin residents roam the premises. And luckily for all of us, they’re uploading the adorable videos to their social media.

The Shedd Aquarium receives 2 million visitors annually. Obviously, they can’t currently entertain their visitors in person. Despite that, they’re doing a great job of entertaining all of us stuck at home through these social media posts, which feature the penguins waddling around the aquarium, meeting fish and other animal species along the way. The videos are so popular that they received over 100k likes on Twitter. Thankfully, the aquarium has promised to keep us posted with more updates.

We can all learn from the Shedd Aquarium what it means to make the best of a bad situation. Maybe if we can manage to make each other smile more, we might just be able to pull through this thing together.

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