Advancing Technology Leads To New System That Identifies The Brain

Technology is rapidly advancing day-by-day. As scientists spend an immense amount of hours working in the lab and researching, new inventions are continuously being announced with the hope of benefiting the greater good.

Just recently, neuroscientists from the University of Glasglow have discovered a system where they can reverse engineer one’s brain to identify a familiar face. This is according to the magazine Mirror, which has reported on this topic previously.  With this technology, scientists will have a broader understanding on how the brain works.

“People use their mental representations to identify familiar faces under various conditions of pose, illumination and ageing, or to draw resemblance between family members. Yet, the actual information contents of these representations are rarely characterized, which hinders knowledge of the mechanisms that use them,” according to journal, Nature Human Behavior.

These scientists are taking the information found and generating it into a computer system. Once this is complete, they hope that “the discovery will lead to a greater understanding of how the brain identifies faces,” says Mirror magazine. The whole idea sounds confusing but think about it this way…

As we are walking down the street and we see a familiar face, how does our brain recall the face? Before this new system, scientists were unaware of the answer. Now with this technology the mystery has been solved.

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