Adult Sippy Cups

If you’re a fan of trendy plastic green straws from Starbucks, then you’re out of luck.

Starbucks has decided to go green, but this time in a different way. They’ve decided to stop their use of plastic straws, and will be using a new lid, that resembles and child sippy cup. But don’t worry, this one is for adults. Plus we all want to be a kid all over again anyway.

They’ve already started to use the new sippy cups for certain drinks, such as cold brew and iced espresso drinks. Apparently it also improves the texture of the drink. Why not save the planet while having the best possible coffee?

Consumers reportedly aren’t complaining about the new style, and actually think it’s very cute.

The Starbucks locations in British Columbia and Vancouver will be the first to take on the new lids, and they will be used for all cold beverages. Frappucinos however, will still have straws due to technical issues, but thankfully they will start being made from a biodegradable material, rather than plastic.

Plastic straws are awful for our environment, especially since they are so small, they are often overlooked by recycling sorters.  They then end up polluting our waterways and harming marine life.

By eliminating the 1 billion straws sold by Starbucks annually, it won’t save the world on it’s own, but it most certainty helps.  Now we just need the rest of the world to follow this example.

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