Adidas Design Academy

Think 2018 is your year, your time to shine? Want a chance for a big break, and to show the world just how super-fly and cool you really are? This might just be it. Not only to be the coolest kid in town, but to also be the creator of cool, as the Adidas Design Academy is on the search for young and talented creative minds to come and take part in it’s exciting project.  Is this your calling?

This unique and exclusive program runs for the course of 24 months (2 full years) and focuses mainly on footwear and apparel. Designers who are lucky enough to be granted the opportunity to join the Adidas Design Academy will be able to invent, create and join forces with the Adidas already existing design teams.

Time is ticking, however you’ll be happy to hear that they are still in fact accepting applications until February 1st. But you better make moves fast!   The program itself begins on October 1st, 2018. The design program is created in the way that each designer that joins the team will take part in rotations within various design studios, even including a special assignment abroad which could take place in either Tokyo, Shangai, Germany or Portland.  Not a bad deal at all, right?

According to Adidas, they are looking for who those people who have the ‘never good enough’ attitude and who are highly passionate about sports, Basically, athletes who are perfectionists always striving for more.  The Adidas Design Academy has programs in both of their headquarters, Herzogenaurach, Germany the global HQ and Portland, Oregon, the North American HQ. However, as mentioned above, the accepted designers will be given an assignment abroad. During this time abroad, chosen designers will obtain a wide range of knowledge in a one month rotation between Product Marketing, Brand Design, Innovation teams and Product Development in order to obtain a holistic, interdisciplinary understanding of the entire company and it’s teams.

Designers will be given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have hands-on experience working with such talented design teams and studios. Adidas finds inspiration in all places. Whether it be during a run, a trip or even just through walking the streets. Their design teams work nonstop, live, breathe, eat and sleep design and innovation in order to change the definition of what footwear and clothing will bring for the future of all sports wear.  Adidas takes design as no small matter, taking the designing process much further than some simple sketches. Design is driven by emotion at Adidas.  Adidas designers are virtually addicted to the thrill of discovering new things as they invent new functions, shapes and materials.

Are you that person that can create a product that makes hearts beat faster? If you know that feeling, then maybe you’re the next Adidas designer in line for success. And if you play your cards right, you could very well score yourself a job at Adidas, the legendary three stripe company upon completing the program.

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