Addiction Treated With Brain Implants

In China, surgeons have decided to try using brain implants in order to treat addiction. They are using a special technology known as deep brain stimulation, or more simply as DBS.

This unique technology involves putting a device, similar to a pacemaker into the addict’s brain in order to send electrical impulses.  This procedure, of course, comes with certain risks, and researchers are not yet completely sure of the effects it could have on the brain.

However, nonetheless, some researchers strongly believe that it could be a promising solution to treating symptoms disorders such as Alzheimers and depression.  They are now even suspecting that it may very well be able to even help with addiction.

So far, it has proven to be successful in one patient who had the device placed inside his brain to help treat his methamphetamine addiction. There have been other studies conducted in China recently that have focused on similar topics, and in the United States, however, two have already been dropped as they were not able to defend the potential risks.

Medical groups across the globe have shared their concerns about this type of treatment, with many arguing that we don’t have enough information yet to go forward with this technique.

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