A 48 year old man in China has recently made it to the headlines for his addiction to cold medicine. In the past 10 years, Wang is reported to have taken more than 30,000 pills in order to satisfy his addiction.

Wang has revealed that his addiction began after purchasing a bottle of cold medicine nearly a decade ago in order to help ease a headache he was suffering from.  After taking a few and seeing how effective they were, he continued to take more and more.

As he became more immune to them, he needed to increase his dosage in order to obtain the same results. After time, he got to the point where he needed to take somewhere between 8-12 pills a day just to normally function.

Throughout the years, his addiction has gotten so bad that if he goes too long without taking any pills, he would become very down and highly irritated. He also experiences physical symptoms such as discomfort and headaches if he hasn’t had his daily dosage of cold medicine.

Wang’s family has been wanting him to see a doctor for his problem for years already, but only recently has he agreed to go, where he was diagnosed by doctors with a drug addiction.

Doctors have analyzed the medicine that he’s been taking for years, and found that it contains high amounts of caffeine, which can cause similar types of addiction as alcohol and nicotine over time.

He is now trying to beat his addiction with medical support and is gradually decreasing his dosage.

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