Abandoned Women On Plane

Now, this is a story that will blow one’s mind considering it is not the first time this has happened to a passenger aboard an aircraft. Currently, there is an investigation running due to a woman being left on an Air Canda plane for hours after they landed on the runway. This being a huge security issue and violation, Air Canada is unsure how this woman was abandoned on the plane.

According to BuzzFeed News, passenger “Tiffani O’Brien was flying from Quebec City when she fell asleep reading her book on the 90-minute flight. She said she woke up hours after her flight landed, still strapped to her seat in “freezing cold” and “pitch black” surroundings.” After O’Brien woke up in these conditions, she instantly began to have a bit of a panic attack. As she called her friend for help, O’Brien’s phone battery died.

Once this happened, O’Brien had no better option than to go into survival mode. Searching the aircraft for ways to let anyone know that she is stuck and needs help, O’Brien tried it all. She even went into the cockpit of the plane to see if the walky-talkies were working but since the plane was shut off, there was no hope.

As she continued her search for an item that would help her escape the aircraft, she finally came across her lucky charm, a flashlight. Finally, being able to signal a passing luggage carrier worker as she stood at the doorway of the aircraft, O’Brien was able to escape.

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