A Whole Lot Of Polygamous Love

Not everyone is part of what we consider to be a traditional, nuclear family.  Mary Crumpton sure isn’t, with a husband, fiancé, and two boyfriends.
The 44 year old polygamous woman says that she couldn’t imagine things to be any different. Despite commonly getting comments from others, her relationships works very well for her.  Mary hopes that her personal story will help others better understand polygamy, and will create more acceptance for the taboo associated with it.

It is illegal in the UK to have more than one spouse, but Mary has found a way around this law by having some less than official ceremonies at Unitarian churches.

Mary explains that her desire to have more than one relationship happened in a pub. After growing up in a traditional home, she never once thought about having more than one partner. The got married and settled down. But when out at a bar, she met someone who was in a polygamous relationship, and became curious about how it worked.
Her partner became curious about it too. Several years later, Mary suggested that they try out an open relationship.  For him, she felt as though he liked the idea of having more than one sexual partner, but for Mary it was more about loving more than one partner.
She is no longer with her initial partner, but has married Tim, the one she first tried out polygamy with.  Her other partner, John and her are planning to get married without having a full wedding.  She also has two other boyfriends, James and Michael.
Mary explains that she has a huge capacity for romantic love and does not feel the need to settle down with one person. She claims to love all of her partners equally.

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