A Very Painful Behind

A fifty five year old retired Chinese man known simply as Chen had been experiencing very mysterious pains in his behind for an entire decade. The pains were a tingling and stinging sensation in his behind, but due to his busy and demanding work schedule, he never made the effort to go get it checked out by a professional. 

Finally, years later, Chen made it to the doctor, and the case has been solved. Doctors in the city of Hunan found eight embroidery needles stuck right up his buttock with the help of an X-Ray, which shocked both the doctors as well as Chen who had no idea at all. 

The eight needles were deeply embedded into his right buttock, and all Chen could assume was that it occurred from a fall into a pile of garbage that took place years ago at work where there was a pile of needles. Chen was sure that he had taken all the needles out following the fall, but apparently he had missed eight of them. 

How Chen lived nearly a decade with these needles is completely beyond us, but it is reported that it hurt more at certain times such as when he would stretch or run at a certain angle. Chen had no choice but to undergo a four hour long surgery to have the needles removed, and thankfully the process went smoothly and successfully. 

He is expected to go back to living a normal healthy life. Social media users have all been left speechless at the strange story. 

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