A Tonne Of Onions For Revenge

We’ve heard all kinds of strange stories of revenge, but this is surely the first of its kind. A very heartbroken young woman in China, known as Miss Zhao, decided to seek revenge on her boyfriend who cheated on her by sending him an actual tonne of onions to his house. Why would she do this? Well, this answer is obvious – to make him cry just as much as she did when he cheated on her. She also made sure to send these onions over a very significant day, May 20th, which is known to be the equivalent of Valentine’s Day in China, when her pain was surely at its peak.

Miss Zhao is reported to have gone through her cheating boyfriend’s phone and to have had the shock of her life to discover that he had in fact not only been texting several other girls while they were together, but that he also had already somehow cheated on her.  Miss Zhao was completely devastated, crying her heart out and, of course, ending the relationship with him too.  While she was at home suffering, he was continuing to enjoy life and go out with other girls, not shedding a tear over her, making her even more aggravated.  

This is when she decided to get back at him and get the revenge she felt she deserved, ordering 1,000 kilograms of onions sent to his doorstep with a very clear message stating who they were from, and why they were sent. The delivery man apparently had to unload the bags of onions in several batches, and could barely manage to hold in the tears himself while carrying all those onions.  When the cheating ex-boyfriend returned home later, the horrific smell of the onions had already spread throughout the entire building, which caused much more mayhem than just a few tears shed.