A Tarantula A Day, Keeps The Mother In Law Away

An anonymous man has become incredibly desperate to have some time off from his in-laws, especially his mother in law. In fact so much so, that he actually got himself a pet tarantula in order to keep her away since she has a severe case of arachnophobia, a fear of spiders for those of you who aren’t yet familiar with this phobia.

Although the man isn’t exactly the biggest fan of tarantulas, he came to the point where he felt like he really had no choice but to get one.  He has expressed that his in-laws have been really pushing him over the limit, showing up at his door without prior notice far too often, and constantly invading his privacy.

Despite having made endless complaints to his wife about it for several years already, he was unfortunately always ignored by her and has had to continue putting up with his in-laws for far too long already.

So when the man noticed that his mother in law had an intense fear of spiders, he came up with a brilliant and unique way of how to best handle his situation: get a pet tarantula.

Thankfully, the man did ask his wife before making the purchase, however, he, of course, did not tell her why exactly he chose to get such a pet. And now? The father still comes to visit, however, the mother will not step foot in their home.

Mission accomplished, whether it to be justified or not.

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