A Section Of The Berlin Wall Kept Secret For Two Decades

A section of the Berlin Wall that is almost 300 feet long has been kept secret for nearly two entire decades.  How?

In 1989, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, it was believed that the majority of the communist barrier had been demolished.  But this was not in fact the case.

Christian Bormann, a historian discovered this 300 foot section of the Berlin Wall and kept is a secret for all the years. He claims to have done this because he feared that the historic section would not be presevered as it should.

Bormann discovered this secret section in 1999 in northeast Berlin and did not share this information with the public. Only now in 2018 did he share a post disclosing the secret on his history blog in January.

In his blog, he explains that he needed to give the section the ability and the time to obtain historical significance. He also expresses that he truly feared that due to the site being a hazard, that it would have been destroyed. But now, it is a unique historical site.

The historian has claimed that this section is in fact a part of the original Berlin wall and was built in the 1960’s from barbed wire and brick, and that it was then replaced with a more concrete version by the German government.

It is now his mission to have his discovering recognized by the local government of Berlin as an official part of the original Berlin Wall.  It is his goal that young people and all of society gets to experience history first hand, and truly understand it, rather than just hearing stories and reading books.

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