A Sandy Paradise In Your Backyard

If you’re looking for a dreamy and scenic getaway this summer, well then, you might not be able to do so at the moment as you probably are already aware. But fear not, a Spanish pool company is doing their very best to bring you the next best thing. And the most exciting part of it? It’s all in the comfort and safety of your own home. Piscinas de Arena (translated in English to Sand Pools) is building incredibly realistic looking oasis’s, and yes, they’ve even managed to nail the crystal clear turquoise water and sandy beach look. 

The unique and innovative Spanish pool company uses sophisticated materials and technologies (known as NaturSand) in order to turn an average backyard into a tropic oasis that gives the feeling that you are truly in paradise miles upon miles away, but no flight is required. In fact, nothing is really required other than stepping out into your very backyard (and of course investing in this oasis).  If you don’t already have a pool in your backyard, the company can build you one from top to bottom. And if you do? Well, they know exactly how to turn what you already have into something even better. 

Its talented team of landscapers and designers are capable of serving just about any client, offering oasis’s in all shapes, sizes, and designs, promising to get the job done within just 30 days.  And even though the company is Spanish based, they still serve clients from across the globe.  Besides fact that most of us aren’t able to travel right now anyway to where we wished we could be, what’s also notable about these pools is that they give the feeling that you’re at a sandy beach but is much cleaner than the real deal, and of course, less crowded too.

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