A Police Imposter

A Chinese was has recently been arrested for impersonating a police office. And although he is not the first to commit such a crime, he is the first to have managed to pull it off for such a long time.

Wang Feng, the forty one year old man from China somehow had everyone around him believing that he was actually a police office for an entire twelve years. He always wanted to become one, however he never actually studied to become one officially.

That, however, was not going to prevent him from taking on the job of his dreams. It all began back in 2006, when his brother needed his help with a debt dispute case.  Wang came to the rescue pretending to be a police officer, and it worked, using a fake uniform, ID, and handcuffs.

In 2011, Wang met his wife, whom he fascinated with his wild stories of police investigations. She was convinced all of his stories were true, but her family started to have suspicions.  Especially when none of Wang’s police force colleagues showed up at the wedding, nor did his family members, her family demanded an explanation.

He came up with all kinds of stories and lies and managed to convince them that he was in fact, still a police officer. His wife never picked up on it for over a decade, since he had read endless amounts of police novels, and was constantly keeping himself updated on what was happening with the actual police.

Wang and his family however, unfortunately benefited from this, as he used his false power to have charges dropped wherever he could. While everyone thought that Wang was out there saving the world, he was actually spending his time in hotels running an unprofitable printing business. Using his fake ID to promise to pay it back, he borrowed money to keep it going.

Finally this past year, he was caught and arrested by real police officers and was left with a seriously hefty debt.  Vanity got the best of him.

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