A Numbers Game

When we make purchases online, generally, the last piece of information that we are asked to provide is the card verification value of our card, best known simply as the CVV number.

It’s the code written on the back of our card, usually three to four digits, and it’s goal is to prevent fraud transactions from taking place.  Basically, it’s an additional security measure when your card cannot actually be swiped by the seller.

Sometimes, however, professional scammers somehow manage to figure out the CVV number.  In order to beat this, PNC bank has started to test out cards with CVV numbers that are constantly being changed.  So much so in fact, that they refresh every half hour to hour.

Based on the results of this trial, this could make a huge impact of the future of fraud and financial transactions. The technology behind the changing of the code is known as Motion Code, and is the product of IDEMIA, an innovative tech company.

These cards have a small screen which display the CVV, replacing the static code.  The system is powered by a small battery and the code is changed based on an algorithm.

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