A Modest Collection of Some of the Most Bizarre Restaurants of the World

Oh, the ultra-sophisticated world of fine dining. The microscopic portions, the hyper-advanced techniques used to alter and customize things nobody would ever notice, the conservative and uptight manners and mannerisms, there truly isn’t anything like it. Yet not all restaurants were born equal, and it is as clear as day that there are a handful of diners that truly doubled down on the weirdness factor. And, naturally, we absolutely adore them for it. These are our favorite eateries taken straight out of a dreamscape. Dinner, as they say, is served.



robot serving pizzas to geusts

Gettyimages / Manjunath Kiran / AFP


If there is one thing the great country of India is known for, it really isn’t robots. India boasts one of the richest, oldest, and most fascinating ongoing cultures in the world, but it just isn’t really a robot place. That changed not that long ago, when Robot opened. Guests are tended to by a polite metal waitress who serves them their food. Given that most people have been served food by robots approximately zero times throughout their entire lives, the experience is quite bizarre.


Dinner in the Sky

silhouettes dining in the sky

Gettyimages / Giuseppe Cacace / AFP


Dinner in the Sky’s concept is quite self-explanatory, but that doesn’t make it any less spectacular. After all, some of the most ingenious ideas are deceptively straightforward. Like, who hasn’t thought of eating dinner in the sky? But the mad lads behind this restaurant actually managed to make it happen. Yes, in the actual, corporeal sky. The lucky people who manage to place a booking at this restaurant get to enjoy a delicious meal, miles above us regular surface eaters.



divers setting underwater estaurant tables

Gettyimages / Jonathan Nackstrand / AFP


Under is pretty much Dinner in the Sky’s antonym. While the latter has you float above the rest of mankind, the former takes the opposite approach. Guests are treated to an extravagant meal on the ocean floor. An incredibly unique take on eating out.


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