A History Of Roots, Canada’s Iconic Store
Roots Canada, is Canada’s iconic athletic and casual apparel brand that sells everything from women’s and men’s, apparel, baby clothing, leather goods, yoga wear, and even home furnishings and accessories.
 It was founded by Michael Budman and Don Green in 1973, who are both Detroit locals, however both of them attended summer camp in the Algonquin Park, Canada.
The camp became their inspiration for the athletic brand that quickly took the country by storm.
Their love for Canada and it’s breathtaking nature drove them to establish Roots. They both eventually moved to Canada, and decided on the name ‘roots’ after seeing the term in a friend’s biology textbook.
They felt as though our feet really are our roots, since they are connected to the ground like a tree is, and created a footwear brand.
The Roots logo was designed in 1970s by graphic artists Robert Burns and Heather Cooper, and it featured a beaver, Canada’s iconic animal.
By chance, they came up with this design without knowing that the beaver was also on the logo of Don and Michael’s beloved summer camp.

The Roots logo, designed in the 1970s by leading graphic artists Heather Cooper and Robert Burns, featured Canada’s iconic animal, the beaver.

Roots opened their very first store in 1973 selling shoes, and with incredible success, they decided to expand their store to clothing and apparel. By 1977, Roots had more than 65 stores throughout Europe and North America.

Today it has become an icon in the athletic apparel world, with more than 120 locations in North America, and 40 in Asia, and continues to be successful as a popular place of fashion, however in the realm of nature, wilderness and environment.

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