A Heroic Car Crash

There are many people who do heroic actions but tend to not get recognized by the public. Of course, to do something out of the ordinary doesn’t mean one needs to be thrust into the limelight of fame but sometimes it’s heartwarming to recognize these people.


Just recently, a video on the internet went viral after The Phoenix Police Department shared it. “A woman named Shannon Vivar was recently hailed a hero after preventing a drunk driver from hitting pedestrians,” according to Bored Panda. Vivar was driving home late at night from Walmart, when all of a sudden her mother who was in the passenger seat, screamed.


Shirley Vivar, the mother of Shannon, saw a car running a red light. In front of them was a family pushing a stroller. With not a lot of time to think, Shannon had an instinct of driving right into the car. Thankfully, preventing the family and children to not be hit by the car about to run the light.


In the case of Shannon’s and her car of people, she did not sustain any injuries but the other car was damaged. According to the police and Bored Panda, the drunk driver of the car tried to flee the scene while threating to stab the witnesses who were trying to prevent him from leaving. Currently, the drunk driver is being prosecuted and details will follow later on once clarified.


As for Shannon being a heroic member of society, we are thankful for your actions and hope that others will take this job well done into consideration if they happen to be in a similar situation!


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