A Half Jacket

A completely non-conformist luxury fashion brand, Unravel Project, created by Ben Taverniti, a popular Fresh designer is taking the concept of less is more to a new meaning.

He has introduced a deconstructed blazer, consisting of half a blazer. Apparently the notion of deconstructed in the fashion world is nothing new, but the term half blazer sure is.  In the fashion world, deconstructed suggests taking layers off of the blazer, such as the inner lining that it gives it stiffness, or taking out the shoulder pads.

But for the Unravel Project, they decided that the term needed a whole new meaning. This unique garment makes up for it’s lack of fabric in it’s cost, at a hefty $1,450.

The official name of the half blazer is a “deconstructed satin-trimmed silk and cotton-blend twill blazer” and is a regular blazer, just cut in half.  Straps and a loose lapel keep it from falling off.