A Godzilla Like Art Installation
Olso definitely does not shy away from weird. The city’s latest bizarre addition is known as Plastozilla, and it falls into that weirdness category, without a doubt.
It’s made out of recycled plastic litter and is a shocking four-metres tall.
It’s located right outside Oslo Central Station and it’s goal is to educate people about the dangers of plastic pollution, that it can take over our world, just like a just godzilla dinosaur can.
The structure is made from a steering wheel, rubber gloves, toothbrushes, traffic cones, brooms, inflatable boats and many other incredibly random objects that represent a bigger picture.
The main goal of the project is to turn the city as car-free as possible and wants to create more green spaces for residents to both work and live in.
Ferner, an Oslo-based artist was approached to build the structure who had some help from the Guerrilla Plastic Movement.
Although the sculpture may look rather fun, it comes with a very serious message, that awareness about sustainability needs to be raised.

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