A Funeral For Youth

Entering our 30’s can be a difficult and emotional experience for some.  It can be rather scary to think that we’ve past our 20’s and can start to feel pressure to actually become a responsible adult.

So what better to celebrate entering your 30’s than having a funeral for your youth? Many of us can related to Mila Blatova, who actually did this. She actually mourned her youth over a funeral that she threw for herself, dressing all in black, with black balloons and inflatables to create a darker atmosphere.

Blatova explains that the idea came from the fact that she could not bare the thought of leaving her 20’s, and did not want to accept the fact she’s getting older.  She tried to bring some humor into the situation and saw it as a way to help her ease into this new stage of her life.

Mila also revealed what’s she’s most dreading about turning 30, which is turning 40. She’s trying as hard as she can to stay possible and is still looking forward to new adventures.

Despite the dark funeral of her youth, she did in fact celebrate a few days ago with some of her friends, and really did enjoy herself.  Mila’s advice to those afraid to turn 30 is to just own it, and make the most of it.

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