A Font To Remember

Sans Forgetica has been developed by a team of designers and researchers who specialize in both behavorial science and typography.

This new font has been designed in order to help those reading it remember the information they read as much as possible. How does this work exactly? It forces them to spend a little extra time on each word, and therefore gets the information to stay in their minds all that longer.

The design of the font is based off of another font, Albion. However significant changes have been made in order to ensure that it’s not too familiar, and in turn, achieve it’s goal of getting the brain to be more engaged in reading and better retain the information.

The font was developed by Australian scientists at RMIT University who believe that it could be beneficial for students while studying for exams.  Behavorial economist Jo Peryman expressed that this is the very first time where design theory principles are being combined with psychological theories in order to create a font.

Readers often glance over words without their brain really creating any new memories of what they read when they see a rather familiar font. The same goes for the opposite, when it is to overdone, the brain will struggle and then neglect to retain the information.

Sans Forgetica, according to it’s creators, was designed to be obstructed just enough to create for memory retention.

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