A Foldable Phone

In our daily lives, we’ve become accustomed to folding things, such as our towels, our laundry, and our…smartphone? Not so much.

But it’s about to become a thing. Samsung has been saying that a foldable smartphone will be released since 2014. However, finally, they have provided a first sneak peek at it at an annual developers conference.

Although the demonstration didn’t really very much about the exciting new device, we now know that it will looks like a normal rectangular smartphone. That is, of course, until the user decides to unfold it like a book, which it then appears more like a book.

We also now what that it will be called the Galaxy F, and that it will be released on the market for purchase in March 2019. In terms of the price, it’s set to cost nearly $1,1770, a whole lot more than any Samsung smartphone we’ve ever come across.

This hefty price might come as quite the shock, especially since it will not support 5G.  However, Samsung’s Galaxy 10, set to be released in February, is reported to include a 5G option.

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