A Fake Kidnapping

A mother in China is reported to have faked the kidnapping of her eleven year old son. Why would someone do such a thing? She wanted to test how much her husband truly cared about and loved their child.

The mother, a woman named Chen, filed a missing person report in the city of Yenquing, China.  Chen told the police that her son was last seen near his school and provided them a detailed description of what he was wearing.

The case was taken very seriously and a stop priority, drawing in national attention, mainly because a large reward of $72,000 was offered by the family for any information about where the boy could be.

Online articles about the missing boy were circling around as well, and everyone had feared for the worst. As it turned out though, the boy had in fact been safe all along.

After five days of searching for the missing boy, police found evidence that Chen, the mother had been lying from day one.  Footage showed that the mother told her son to go wait in another car, while she went onto fill out the fake missing persons report with the police.

A search was ran on the car that the boy had entered, and they were able to trace him down to find him in the care of a family member.  Chen was charged for deliberately spreading false information, and it was found that her motives behind this was to test her husband’s love for their son.

People are of course relieved that the boy has be found, however believe that Chen deserves to be punished for wasting the country’s resources and that her behavior is completely unacceptable.