A Cure For The Flu

Nearly seven hundred thousand people die annually from influenza. Many more are infected with it too, and without a yearly vaccine, you aren’t covered against it.

Doctors are now trying to drill down a new experiment that could potentially provide a cure for the flu, or at the very least, for parts of it.

Although at the moment there are still many things that remain unsure and slightly risky, such as the fact that it has yet to be tested on actual humans, among others.  Nonetheless, there still is potential for it to be the answer for this deadly illness, and doctors are hopeful.

The treatment is described to be one that copies the way in which our bodies use antibodies in order to fight viruses. Mice are the only one’s to have been given this new drug, which may cause some skepticism, however even after being given deadly levels of the flu, 100 percent of the mice in the experiment lived to prove the medicine to be successful.

According to reports, the experimental treatment has also proven to be capable of treating human lung cell growth, which is the next steps towards trying out the treatment on humans too.  The future is looking bright.

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