A Cure For Cancer

According to an Israeli pharmaceutical company,  Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies, they will actually have a cure for cancer ready within the next year.   Dan Aridor, the board chairman of the company claims that the treatment has been working, and that it’s completely groundbreaking.

The scientists have said that their cancer cure will be effective from the very moment it’s used, and that it will last for a few weeks. They claim that it will have very few side effects, and possibly none.

This new cure is known as MuTaTo, short for multi target toxin, and it works by attacking cancer cells through a variety of peptides. According to AEBI’s, this multi-pronged attacked is what makes the treatment so efficient.

The treatment has also been created in a way that will ensure that it will not be affected by mutations, and rather than attacking receptors one a time, the treatment will be able to attack three at once, which cancer is not capable of doing.

They’ve already managed to inhibit human cancer cell growth in mice, without affecting their healthy cells at all, and will soon begin clinical trials.

If this treatment actually goes according to plan, it would be life changing as cancer is the second most common cause of death in the world.  Our fingers are crossed that their cure passes all tests and criticism throughout the scientific community.

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